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20 Best Place to Travel in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

27 Dec 2022
20 Best Place to Travel in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Best Place to Travel in Rajshahi: Rajshahi is one of Bangladesh's most traditional and ancient cities located on the banks of the Padma River. Rajshahi district is famous for mangoes and silk textiles and is the largest city of the Rajshahi division.

Rich in the history of ancient Bengal, this Rajshahi city has famous mosques, temples, and historical structures. Located on the banks of the Padma, this city is one of the popular tourist destinations.

So we are publishing a guide so you can have a beautiful Rajshahi trip with your family or friends. Here all the places of the Rajshahi division worth visiting are discussed.

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20 Places to Travel in Rajshahi

Rajshahi district rich in ancient architecture is one of the places to visit:

Puthia Rajbari

Bara Annik Mandir

Boro Kuthi

Dol Mandir

Varendra Research Museum

Shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdoom Ruposh (RA)

Shahid Zia Shishu Park

Bagha Mosque

Shaheed A.H.M Qamaruzzaman Central Park and Zoo

Rajshahi University Massacre Monument

Sormongla Eco Park

Smriti Amlaan

Goalkandi Zamindar House


Tulsi Field

Gazmatkhali Bridge

Ruins of Nishinda Raj

Shishu Park

Safina Park

Rajshahi Central Zoo

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Rajshahi is a small but very clean city. Much like a pencil drawing! The houses of the city are not skyscrapers, each street is arranged differently. There is no traffic on the road, and the level of noise is negligible. The fame of Rajshahi silk country has spread all over the world, there are also several places to visit. If you want to explore Rajshahi, this article will help you-

Puthia Rajbari

Puthia Rajbari in Rajshahi is one of the archeological traditions of Bengal. In 1895, Maharani Hemantakumari Devi collected the rectangular two-celebrated palace in the Indo-European compositional style. Wherever you go you will get a touch of history. Puthia is located 32 km northeast of Rajshahi district headquarters on the Nato highway.

Varendra Research Museum

It is the first and one of the best museums in the country. It is said to be a major achievement of the Barendra Research Society. Sarathkumar Roy and his associates Akshaykumar Maitreya, Ramaprasad Chand, and other antiquarians devoted their time and labor to build these two institutions. Today it is one of the museums in South Asia in terms of archaeological collection. Rajshahi Zeropoint can be reached by rickshaw and auto.

Bank of Padma

The city of Rajshahi is located on the banks of the Padma river. So the people of the city run to the banks of the Padma when they get some time. Rajshahi City Corporation is planning to beautify the banks of Padma. Barakuthi area, Padma Garden, Lalonshah Mukta Manch, I Dam, T-Dam, Shimla Park, and Simante Angor are his crops. That is why the banks of the Padma in Rajshahi are developing a little differently than other places in the country.

Bagha Mosque

Bagha Shahi Mosque of Rajshahi is one of the monuments of history and tradition. The mosque is located in Bagha Upazila Sadar, 50 km southeast of the city. Sultan Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah, son of Alauddin Shah, the founder of the Hussain Shahi dynasty, built the mosque in 1523-1524 (930 Hijri). There is a huge pond next to the mosque, which is also worth seeing.

Rajshahi University

Rajshahi University is one of the educational institutions of Rajshahi. Surrounded by natural shade, this university will take away anyone's mind. Its location is at the place called Binodpur next to the highway at the entrance of Rajshahi city. Paris Road of this university is very popular with students.

There are also Shaheed Kamaruzzaman Central Park and Zoo, Children's Park, Hazrat Shahmakhdum Airport, Goalkandi Zamindar Bari, Hawakhana, Tulsi Kshetra, Saramangla Ecopark, Sarada Police Academy, Utsav Park, Shrine of Hazrat Shahmakhdum Ruposh (RA), Rajshahi College.

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